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FAQ - For Patients

What patients do you accept?

TST Clinic accepts both new and existing patients.
Please note, Dr. Tanase is based in NSW. He can prescribe stimulant medication for ADHD patients in New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. He is not able to directly prescribe for patients in the Australian Capital Territory or Queensland, but can offer a letter of support for your local GP to prescribe.
Unfortunately, Dr. Tanase cannot offer appointments to patients from Western Australia, Northern Territory, or Tasmania.

Which appointment type should I book?

If you are a current patient of Dr. Tanase, please book a Script Renewal Appointment (15 minutes) if you need a prescription renewal.

If you are a current patient of Dr. Tanase, please book a Follow-Up Appointment (30 minutes) if you wish to discuss your diagnosis.

If you are a new patient and looking to book an appointment with Dr. Tanase or Emily, please email your GP referral/Mental Health Care Plan to: 

What if I already have a diagnosis from another doctor?

If you already have a diagnosis, please email your GP referral and diagnosis report to: and we will arrange a suitable appointment for you.

What documents are required for my appointment?

In preparation for your appointment, please send us the below:
For all of Dr. Tanase’s patients:
- A current (within the past 12 months) GP referral letter addressed to Dr . Tanase. To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, a valid GP referral is required.
- ECG and blood pressure results.

For Dr. Tanase’s patients who are seeking an ADHD diagnosis (in addition to the above documents), please send at least one of the below:
- School reports
- Preliminary diagnosis report completed by a Psychologist
- A letter/statement from a family member or relevant third party supporting the presence of pre-existing childhood symptoms of ADHD 
- If you are already diagnosed; a confirmation of your diagnosis and or any previous/relevant reports 

For all of Emily’s patients:
- A current (within the past 12 months) Mental Health Care Plan

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

On the day of your appointment, please find a quiet, private room and ensure you have access to a device with a suitable internet, webcam and a microphone so you can access your telehealth consultation.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We require a 20% deposit for appointments which is fully refundable as long as you give 48 hours' notice for cancellation of your appointment. The remainder of your payment will be due 48 hours before your appointment.

Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

Yes. We keep a cancellation waiting list which operates on a first-come-first-served basis to patients who have an appointment booked in. If you wish to be put on the waiting list, please let us know.

What if I have another query?

Please email us at and we will be able to assist you. You may also try calling us, but our phone line is often busy - if you leave a voice message, we will get back to you.

What do I do if I need to contact the doctor after my appointment?

If for any reason you need to contact the doctor after your appointment, or have any concerns please send an email to or call us on 9037 0730.

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